• Traditional Italian Cuisine

    The community room was beginning to feel like a traditional Italian ristorante, when Year 4 made Neapolitan Pizza.  It tasted delicious, was incredibly easy to make, is great for our health and can be made cheaply using a few ingredients!  An all round winner. Year 4, can you tell us what ingredients we used?  Why is it …

  • Fruit Art Work

    Each week, Year 4 are creating a piece of art using a different technique.  This week we looked at the pastel art creations of Mario Vukelic.  We were inspired to create our own masterpieces! Year 4, can you explain the technique we used?

  • Newsletter HT2 W4

  • b and d formation

    This is what we are using in class to make sure that we form b and d correctly. If you want to help your child at home please use bat and ball, donut and drifter.