• Y6 Tragedy stories – beware you may need a tissue!

    Y6 learnt a powerful flashback tragedy story last term all about a man who lived through the Pompeii disaster but lost his family - original story map here. We have waited a long while but today was the day that we had the chance to write our very own tragedy stories based on a young animal losing …

  • Y2 – Penguin art

    We have been learning how to draw penguins in the style of Oliver Jeffers after reading the story Lost and Found. We created these watercolour pictures as a result.  We are very proud of our pictures.

  • Y2 – Blubber experiment

    As part of our learning about the Arctic, we carried out an investigation to find out how Arctic animals survive in the cold climate. We made a ‘blubber glove’ using vaseline in a plastic bag and a glove without blubber. Next we took the temperature of some ice water before we used the gloves.  It …

  • Hail Caesar!

    Here in Birch Trees we’ve been imagining ourselves as the Caesar of Ancient Rome! We used our artistic talents to draw a self-portrait and added a Caesar’s laurel with green pastel. We even created our own frames! Check out some of the portraits below.