• Art in the Style of David Hockney

    This week in school is British Week and we have been celebrating famous people who come from the UK.   We have made pictures of the Queen in the style of David Hockney.

  • Y4 musical notation

    What an exciting afternoon. We have been learning all about different notes in music and how many beats they are worth.   Who can remember the names of the notes on the lines and the notes in the spaces?

  • Y6 – Stone Age Reports

    This week, Y6 have been creating non-chronological reports on the Stone Age. They looked at all the facts and information they have found out this half term and presented it, ready to share with others. They included things about Skara Brae, stone circles and neanderthals. Y6, what fun facts did you find out?  

  • Year 3 RE

    This week Year 3 explored different representations of Jesus in RE. As there are no written descriptions of Jesus and paintings were not done until 150 years after his death, there are lots of different representations of him from all around the world! Below are some of the representations that we looked at from countries …