• Y1 S.O.L.E Plant Investigation

    In year 1 we have been researching  ‘How plants eat without a mouth?’ We used ipads, books, pictures and videos to find facts. We then presented our findings to the class.  

  • Year 5 Maths Investigation

    This week Year 5 have been investigating volume.  We practised finding the volume of shapes by counting the unit cubes. After that, we investigated how many different shapes could be made with 5 unit cubes. Year 5, can you tell us how many solutions you found?  

  • Year 4 Habitat clips

    This week, the Year 4 children have created Sir David Attenborough style clips on the iPads using their dioramas. See some of the clips below:   Gabriel, Ryan and Jenson: IMG_0217   Rowan and Marcel: IMG_0529   William and Daniel: IMG_0204   Greg and Josh: IMG_0141

  • Y1 Sunflowers

    In year 1 this week we have been learning about Van Gogh. His favorite flowers are sunflowers so we drew some of our own. Here are some of the fantastic pictures we drew.