• Coding in Year 5

    This week, Year 5 have been learning how to code. The children used ‘code’ (instructions) to make ‘objects’ (bubbles) do more than one ‘action’ (move at different times, move in different directions and finally, disappear once clicked) once they were triggered by an ‘event’ (the start of the game or a click). Here is an …

  • Y2 odd and even numbers

    This week Year 2 have been practising odd an even numbers by playing the number ninja game.   Click on the link below to play at home. http://www.abcya.com/number_ninja_odd_even.htm

  • Newsletter 22.9.17

  • My Body!

    This week in Foundation we have been learning to name and label┬áthe different parts of our body. Can you name the different parts of your body at home?   We have enjoyed singing ‘The Skeleton Dance’ and joining in with the actions. Click on the link below to sing ‘The Skeleton Dance’ at home.