• Another stellar performance against much tougher opposition this time.   The boys were amazing – and gracious in their win which is just as important. Finals here we come – for the first time in 15 years.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Check out the Pie Chart a few of the year 5 girls created in Breakfast Club! It shows how food is used in the UK: 74% of food is eaten 10% – avoidable waste – food that we throw in the bin! 9% – unavoidable waste – e.g banana and orange peels 7% – food …

  • Egyptian Dancing in Y6

    As our topic this half term is ‘Egypt’, Y6 children have been learning to dance like Egyptians. First, they practised various moves and steps and then they worked in groups to create, practise and perform their dance. The children performed: Cleopatra arms and hops, Pharoah flicks and an Egyptian walk. Boys and girls, which was …


    As part of Year 3’s Viking topic we have been looking at longboat chants as part of our music lessons. Here are some pictures of the children in action. Click on our links to hear the full Viking chants IMG_0554