• Y4 Pottery exhibition.

    In Year 4, we finally completed our pottery and put on an excellent exhibition. We displayed our plans and final designs, as well as drawings of some of the Rockingham pottery that gave us inspiration. Our exhibition was made even better by all of the┬ávisitors, thank you for coming. Well done Year 4 for working …

  • Newsletter

    T5 W5 22.05.15

  • Beautiful Butterfly!

      This morning I woke up to find a beautiful butterfly. More excitingly, it’s from the chrysalis that fell off… it has survived with no injuries. Hurray! I will let it free later, once it’s wings have fully dried.

  • South Africa Day in Y6!

    Y6 had lots of fun today whilst learning all about South Africa. Look at all our fantastic art and craft work! Y6, can you answer these quiz questions and tell everyone about South Africa? 1. What is the name of Cape Town’s famous mountain? 2. Which Antarctic animal lives on South Africa’s west coast? 3. …