• Y3 Spellings 22.9.16

    This week’s spellings disappear disobey disappoint dishonest disinfect disembark disable sentence learn

  • Year 5 Spellings 23.9.16

    This week’s spellings end in -able. applicable dependable comfortable understandable reasonable enjoyable reliable aggressive amateur  

  • Mysterious Forest!

    Our new topic in Foundation is the Mysterious Forest. We will be learning all about ‘Naughty Gnomes’ and ‘Fabulous Fairies’. Click on the links below to play the Gnome and Fairy games. http://www.gnomeoandjuliet.com/main/activities/?cid=en http://games.disney.co.uk/disney-fairies

  • 23.09.16 Y4 Spelling list

    This week’s spellings: anti-climax anticlockwise anti-venom antiseptic antibiotic antidote there their they’re