• Y4 art Greek triremes

    WALT: draw to scale.   Today we have drawn Greek triremes in pencil. We tried to ensure that the scale was correct and drew each part of the ship in proportion. Can you remember why it was called a TRIreme?

  • Year 5 Maths Investigation

    This week Year 5 have been investigating volume.  We practised finding the volume of shapes by counting the unit cubes. After that, we investigated how many different shapes could be made with 5 unit cubes. Year 5, can you tell us how many solutions you found?  

  • Year 5 S.O.L.E.

    Year 5 have been researching the methods used to prevent coastal erosion.  We used the S.O.L.E. approach to find out the answer. Year 5, can you tell us about what S.O.L.E.  is and explain why you like it? Why does the UK need coastal defences? Can you tell us about some of the methods used …

  • KS1 Sports Day

    Congratulations to green team for winning our 2017 Sports Day!We had a brilliant morning. Well done to all our children who showed fantastic team work. Thank you to the adults who came along and supported. Here are some photos from the day below.