• Y4 MAC Converting Measures

    We used our converting skills to find the correct size of a Quidditch pitch and then we used different equipment to set up our own on the school field. Can you remember what equipment we used? What units of measure did we use? What conversion facts did we need to help us?

  • Y4 wands under construction

    We have been making our very own wands in year 4. Here they are at their first stage of construction. Can you remember the process? What was the trickiest part? Could we have joined the paper in a different way?

  • Fitzwilliam Displays are Back in Business

    Mrs Fenton got a wonderful surprise when she came into school this morning: the brilliant staff have all been beavering away over the holidays and put up so many stunning displays. Here are some of them.   HUGE thanks to everybody who gave up some of their holiday to make our school look so wonderful …

  • KS2 October Half Term Homework

    Click on the link below: