• Y3 – Y6 Choir

    Letter to Parents Choir Y3-6

  • New songs

    We need your song suggestions for our next concert! Remember: No rude or swear words Not too low or too high Good range – pop, Disney, musical etc Leave us a comment to suggest a song! (Don’t forget capitals and punctuation!)

  • Young Voices 2014!

    WOW! What a night! Have a look at the pictures and listen to some of the incredible singing from the largest (5,049 strong) children’s choir in the world that we were part of at Sheffield Arena for Young Voices 2014! What did you enjoy the most? Who would like to join choir to go next …

  • Choir

    Miss Bosworth and Miss Connell are running choir for children in Years 3 to 6. We have a very exciting year ahead starting with Young Voices, a concert at Sheffield Arena on January 22nd 2014. Swinton Fitzwilliam took part in this concert last year and we are looking forward to going again this school year. …