• Y1 S.O.L.E Plant Investigation

    In year 1 we have been researching  ‘How plants eat without a mouth?’ We used ipads, books, pictures and videos to find facts. We then presented our findings to the class.  

  • Y1 Sunflowers

    In year 1 this week we have been learning about Van Gogh. His favorite flowers are sunflowers so we drew some of our own. Here are some of the fantastic pictures we drew.

  • KS1 Sports Day

    Congratulations to green team for winning our 2017 Sports Day!We had a brilliant morning. Well done to all our children who showed fantastic team work. Thank you to the adults who came along and supported. Here are some photos from the day below.

  • Y1 Show Me

    This week in Year 1 we have used the ‘show me’ app to explain how to do column subtraction. Some children from Year 5 came down to show off their computing skills and help us. They were fantastic! Here are some of the show me’s we created: