The Garden of Eden

This week, Year 5 have been learning about the story of the Garden of Eden.

To explore the themes in the story further, the children placed a chair on the playground with a sign stuck to it saying “DO NOT TOUCH”. In secret, two children kept a tally of how many children made the choice to touch the chair.

After break, the children shared their findings and, as a class, we discussed how the experiment linked to the story of Adam and Eve.

The children were then asked the questions below and had to position themselves on a continuum (from ‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’) to share their view. You can also find just some of the fantastic comments made by the children below.

  1. The story is really about making good and bad choices

  2. The story is really about how the first people were created

  3. It was the snake’s fault that the people were thrown out of the garden

    Mia – Although it was the snake who told them to do it, Adam and Eve still had a choice.

  4. This shows that God made a good world, but humans spoiled it

    Dylan – Humans keep changing the world and not always for the best.

  5. Everyone sometimes makes the wrong choice

    Scarlett – We all make wrong choices and it doesn’t mean we are bad people.

  6. There is no such place as the ‘Garden of Eden’ in the real world

    Joshua – The Garden of Eden surrounds us now.

  7. We’re all born innocent, but we all choose bad things sometimes – we’re all like Adam and Eve

We also came up with some questions that we would ask to the people in the story.

Questions for the snake

Mollie – Why did you want to get Adam and Eve into trouble? What was in it for you?

Questions for Adam and Eve

Finlay – Eve, why did you get Adam into trouble?

Questions for God:

Mia – Why did you create the tree if you didn’t want people to eat from it?

Mason – Why did you give humans the ability to disobey in the first place?

Ryan – Why did you not give them a second chance?

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